Sacred Seed Farm

Quality organic, culinary and seed garlic.

How we do!

In 2000, Sacred Seed Farm began to grow premium quality organic vegetables in the beautiful Fingerlakes Region of Upstate NY. From the beginning, the farm’s devotion has gone beyond just producing fresh, healthy food for surrounding communities. We believe that our integrity is also measured by our committed practice of responsible land stewardship; a give and take relationship you might say!

What we offer

We grow 3 very distinct varieties of garlic that offer a wide range of garlic experience to one’s palate. Our garlic can be purchased for either culinary use or as exceptional seed stock for farmers and gardeners. Whether its 1 or 1,000 pounds, we’ve got you covered.

German Extra Hardy White

Porcelain type garlic with ivory white skin. A very strong flavored raw garlic with high sugar content that is excellent for roasting. A vigorous and productive variety with very large bulbs containing 4-7 cloves.

Chesnok Red

A sweet, mild flavored garlic that holds well after cooking. Considered the best variety for baking and roasting. Gorgeous purple striped paper with 8-15 thin, flat red cloves that are easy to peel.

Early Purple Italian

Multi-purpose, mild-flavored garlic. Nice sized round, flat bulbs that make wonderful braids. Does well in the heat and produces early. Excellent storage qualities. A softneck with 8-12 cloves per bulb.

Why Garlic?

Of the many different crops that we’ve grown for years, garlic is our favorite. It loves our climate, thrives in our soils, is a culinary delight and has a variety of health benefits. New York State offers optimum growing conditions for some of the finest hardneck garlic in the world. Did you know that over 90% of the garlic consumed in this country is imported and of inferior quality to garlic grown in our region? Our mission is to “spread the seed.”

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